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Indian Lifestyle Blog: Ariel, Share The Load

Indian Lifestyle Blog: Ariel, Share The Load

Hey guys, how are you all doing? Last week I attended a panel discussion at the Ariel #ShareTheLoad launch event with panelists RajKumar Rao, Josy Paul and Enakshee Deva moderated by Tisca Chopra.

The ad film struck the right chord with so many mothers. It is so relatable and heartfelt that a tremendous commendation and support has been received from audiences across India. India. The film released on January 24, 2019 has garnered more than 15 million views in 2 weeks.

The panelists discussed the various reasons for disparity and threw light upon the difference in the upbringing of sons and daughters in India. Daughters are also being raised to be independent, strong and confident in all aspects of life. However, their professional growth is usually hampered after getting married because of the expectation to take up all household tasks. But no attention is ever given to sons being raised differently. It’s essential for the newly married couples to realize that even sons need to learn the household skills like laundry, taking care of the groceries or cooking.

Interesting insights were revealed when the panelists also discussed few statistics from the survey.
     72% of the women believe that the weekends are for grocery shopping and laundry while 68% of Indian men believe that weekends are for relaxation.
     68% of women come back from work and do laundry regularly, while for men this it is only 35%.
     40% of Indian men do not know how to operate a washing machine.

Is laundry only women’s job? It’s about conditioning that we are all growing up with. The moment we are aware, we have to change. And it is all about correcting things in the society. Conditioning is happening right at home with sons. Today’s sons will be tomorrow’s husband.

According to Rajkumar Rao, it all starts at home. He shared to-do lists with his sister at home as kids. He also thanked his mother to set the right example. This ensured his relationship with his partner, Patralekha, is equal, too.

The new film has encouraged society to look through the lens of a new perspective and work towards a more equal tomorrow. Check it out here and share your thoughts:

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