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Indian Lifestyle Blog - Ariel, Share The Load

Indian Lifestyle Blog - Ariel, Share The Load

On International Women's Day, the world celebrated womanhood. As we move towards more equality and better opportunities for women in every field, we recognise their achievements, strengths and determination. 
On Women’s Day I got a chance to attend the movie screening in association with Ariel. There was anti-gravity booth set-up during the screening to bring in the change and correct things in the society where it’s time for men also to do the laundry. The movie subverts superhero tropes in the best possible way and is totally in sync with #ShareTheLoad campaign by Ariel where equal partnerships and equal rights can co-exist.
Captain Marvel is probably the easiest Marvel film till date. You don’t need a backstory, don’t need to know the trivia and also don’t need to dig into previous films to find Easter eggs. It works just fine as a standalone film. Marvel’s latest film Captain Marvel starring Brie Larson did a lot of things right, including the ideal depiction of women empowerment. At no point in the film do they force it into you.
While there must be a more comprehensive definition of women empowerment, by people much smarter than I am, but my understanding of it is treating a woman as an equal. And movies today, play a pivotal role in educating us about women empowerment. Sometimes subtly while beating in into us in others. Marvel Cinematic Universe’s latest release is definitely the former. I can definitely corelate this to the Ariel’s Share The Load campaign where it’s time for men to rise up and take the ownership of household chores and responsibilities.
Unpaid care work, performed mostly by women around the world, is a key piece of the empowerment puzzle: it entrenches the subordination of women in society but, at the same time, it is indispensable for economic growth and human wellbeing. The Share The Load campaign is breaking the gender stereotypes and challenging the social norms that portray unpaid care work as “women’s work”.
With the women empowerment drive through #ShareTheLoad Ariel campaign, it’s time to correct things in the society as women learn to assert themselves and increase their spending power. It’s time to look through the lens of a new perspective and work towards a more equal tomorrow. The change needs to begin from home, while upbringing both the girl and boy without any disparity. The sons of the house need to get involved in all the mundane household chores and the mothers need to inculcate this habit from the beginning of their childhood.

Like most new-age metro-dwelling Indian women, I believe that real empowerment is equality and a level playing field rather than something to be claimed based on the strength or weakness of one's gender. If we really want equality and diversity at our workplaces, we need to shift our women empowerment battles from our workplaces to our homes. More men should come forward to help out, share the real-life load, and become our real partners. Women deserve their me-time, getaways, get-togethers and girls' night outs. Women deserve to explore the world because travel helps us ‘find’ ourselves and become happier people, and therefore leads to happier mothers, sisters, daughters and partners.
The Ariel ad campaign breaks the stereotypes beautifully and showcase the contemporary women in all her new Avatar. It’s time to think equal, build smart and innovate for change.

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