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Indian Lifestyle Blog: Foam Home India Mattresses

Indian Lifestyle Blog: Foam Home India Mattresses

We often tend to ignore important things for a healthy and stress-free lifestyle in India. Have you thought about investing in a good mattress in India? Maybe, where comfort meets luxury? Always wanted that sound sleep with no back or other health issues?
If you saw my Insta-stories and Snapchat stories along with other social media posts last Sunday, you would know what I am talking about in this post. I went for a fun event last weekend. I was overwhelmed to get enlightened about the new mattress technology in the market. There is so much happening and so many new things coming up from the mattress technology perspective. 

About the brand 
FOAM HOME is a family concern, started in the year 1976 as a Mattress Store, the only mattresses sold at that time were Latex Foam Mattresses by Dunlopillo and MM Foam and only the rich people could afford to buy.
They thought of starting reconditioning of old Latex Foam Mattresses and things changed totally for them from a store waiting for customers into a store where they would have a queue of customers outside our store. Since Latex Foam Mattresses were used only by rich customers they naturally got into the niche market and this gave us tremendous popularity to be the only Mattress store in Mumbai. And that legacy has lasted until today as the most popular mattress store in Mumbai to the extent that the richest man in India Mr. Mukesh
Ambani chose to sleep on our mattresses, the king of Bollywood Mr. Sharukh Khan would sleep on our mattresses just to name a couple.

Their business partners have been RECTICEL, Belgium, TECHNOGEL, Italy, POZZI-AROSIO, Italy, BEKAERT, BOYTEKS, and LAVA TEXTILES, Belgium, LATEXCO, Belgium and SEDAC MERAL, Belgium.
Their range of mattresses includes Latex Foam, Flexible Polyurethane Foam, Memory Foam and Technogel Mattresses. 
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Fun Facts you need to know! 
- Foam Home is an Indian luxury mattress manufacturer working as per International standards
- Foam Home, through its patented technology, has created the most comfortable mattresses in India
- India has given a mattress Technology to the world which is Internationally Patented. 
- The Ergoshell technology’s unique design addresses every issue in traditional mattresses and makes room for a much more comfortable at the same time supportive sleep system. The science behind the new technology is very impressive. It offers a distinctive feel that one has to experience themselves.
- It will be showcased to the world at the Interzum 2017 show in Cologne, Germany. 1500 participants from all over the world with a footfall of 60000 people during 4 days. 
- Unlike normal mattress companies, Foam Home is exceptionally advanced right from manufacturing their mattresses to dealing with customers. 

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  1. So beautiful and well-dressed!!

  2. extremely pleased with my recent mattress purchase from

    i have been using their spine supporter mattress for 3 months now and the pain in my lower back has completely disappeared.

    i had initially purchased another mattress from their range which was too soft, but under their 30 night return policy, i was able to exchange the original mattress for the spine supporter after 3 weeks of sleeping on it.

    excellent customer service and customer friendly policies!


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