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Indian Fashion Blog: Health Diaries Vol 4

Indian Fashion Blog: Health Diaries Vol 4
I have a thing for exploring new places and going out for culinary escapades. It is all about ordering right and eating clean to maintain a healthy living. I am very outgoing and I make sure it does not affect my fit lifestyle. I mean if you are hungry in the night you don't have to get down to chomping on your favorite bag of chips rather go for some nuts or plain yoghurt with whey protein. I beat my chocolate cravings with chocolate brownie quest bar or casein whey protein in chocolate flavor. I totally relish hot chocolate in the night with almond milk, unsweetened cocoa powder and stevia. Eating clean just makes me happy. When my eating habits go helter-skelter I just feel disgusted and bloated. 
Don't take your body for granted. I say it is better to splurge on health than illness. Ok that is enough of me bantering. I am totally lazing around for the long weekend. Happy Republic day to all of you. XOXO. 
Chocolate protein cake from Fitnessbakery for the Christmas. A perfect guilt free indulgence with 167 gms of protein and 45 gms net carbs. 
Ingredients: almond flour, coconut flour, whey protein, stevia
Quick salad on the go from Gyros, Andheri, Mumbai. It came with decent portion. 
I cannot get enough of these RAWpressery  juices. 
The "Feel Good" salad with grilled chicken, feta, mixed seeds, spinach, barley, etc. at Bombay Salad Co in Bandra. I often get hankering for salads and grills. I don't need breakthrough flavors or over styled fusion food. Simple healthy food is all I need for a  smooth culinary journey. 
Raw food bliss! Yummy grilled chicken with couscous. Make sure you check out this cozy eatery - Bombay Salad Co in Bandra, Mumbai. 
Chicken in chilli basil at Facing East, Juhu
My new hair care range! Argan oil sulphate free shampoo and conditioner. 

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  1. This is a classic example of healthy lifestyle and please make sure that you maintain it to the hilt. Stay healthy and be fit and yes, be happy through creative blogging.

  2. What a yummy cake! Thanks for sharing!

  3. Wow, that quick salad looks so yummilicious..........

  4. For a healthy cake, that sure looks too sinful :)...Lovely post.

  5. I love all those salads! They look super yummy, now please where is the recipe!? :)

  6. OMG.... I'm drooling over the keyboard, the salad with grilled chicken, the grilled chicken and the chicken in chili with couscous, look sooooo yummy and delicious :P
    You have a great blog! I'd love if you checked out my blog, and if you like it, can we follow each other on “GFC” (blog followers), “Google+”, and bloglovin? I promise I’ll follow you back <3


    "Saúde & Beleza - Health & Beauty"

  7. Great post! <3


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