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Indian Lifestyle Blog - Skincare With Cheryl's Cosmeceuticals

Indian Lifestyle Blog - Skincare With Cheryl's Cosmeceuticals 

Skincare is a tricky thing. I always say, invest in skincare more than makeup. Do you know your skin starts ageing when you are in your 20s and it is visible only in your 30s? Our stressful lifestyle has taken a toll on our skin. The pollution and unhealthy eating robs our skin of all the nutrients and hydration. Always remember, you are what you eat. It all depends on how you take care of your skin. 
A couple of days back, I got a chance to get my skin analysis and O2C2 facial treatment done with Cheryl’s Cosmeceuticals products, at one of their partner salons in Mumbai. The doctor checked the hydration level with a device and pigmentation level in a radiation box before starting the facial service. 
The beauty professional also advised me with skincare tips and how we should not keep switching to various products. Any skincare product will take time to show results or no results at all. You always need to be patient and give your skin some time. 

About The Service
A deep breath draws in a large amount of oxygen and renews our minds, body and spirit through detoxification, allowing us to take in the good and release the bad. Likewise our skin, the largest organ of the body, also needs a deep breath of fresh oxygen for detoxification and renewal. 
The O2C2 treatment uses oxygen and natural enzymes like papain and bromelane, which exfoliate epidermal dead skin to reveal fresh, glowing and radiant skin. It also releases a burst of fresh oxygen onto the surface of the skin to detoxify and refresh dull, tired skin. This energises it, combats premature ageing and clears it from impurities.

Learning about this professional range of Cheryl’s Cosmeceuticals products at their partner salon.
Getting skin hydration levels checked. 
Radiant Me after the Cheryl’s Cosmeceuticals O2C2 facial service! 
Post the service! 

Post-treatment, I felt so good. My skin looked so radiant and lighter. It felt like a layer of pollution had been wiped away. I highly recommend going for regular facials at least once in 60-90 days to preserve your youthful skin and stop it from ageing. 

This professional Cheryl’s Cosmeceuticals product range is not available over-the-counter in the market. You can check their entire range of products at partner salons. The facial kit is also available online along with other range of products. Though, I prefer to avail facial services only in the salons as it is more convenient and less messy. 

The entire service costs 3500 INR and you can avail the service at any of their partner salons in Mumbai. 

If you have any queries, feel free to reach out to me anytime! 

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