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Indian Lifestyle Blog - Nike Run #WeRunMumbai

Indian Lifestyle Blog - Nike Run #WeRunMumbai

I run because golf is boring. But seriously, there is much more to fitness than just getting in shape. For me, it is all about leading a healthy lifestyle, mental peace and that burst of endorphins. It completes my day while keeping me fit. So, I was really looking forward to my second run with Nike+ Run Club (NRC) at Bandra Fort, last Saturday.
But there was a catch. The run was at 6:30 AM. I have never been a morning person and the thought of running so early in the morning all these years, made me squirm. It seemed so challenging and I was apprehensive if I would be able to do 5k run that early in the morning. If you did not happen to read my first running experience at NRC, then check it out here.

Well, it was a new day, where I did something for the first time in 29 years. I stepped out from the comforts of my cosy bed at 5:30 AM on a Saturday morning.

On top of the world after completing the run! #WeRunMumbai
Warm up time with the runners! #WeRunMumbai
All set for the run with Nike+ Run Club! #WeRunMumbai #NRCMumbai
#NRCMumbai #WeRunMumbai at Bandra Fort
My running buddy Pooja. #WeRunMumbai
The runing stats with NRC app! #WeRunMumbai #NRCMumbai

As soon as I reached Bandra Fort, Mumbai, I was so amazed to see the place swarmed with an energetic crowd and everyone pumped up and prepping for the Nike run. It wasn’t what I expected - a bunch of marathoners intensely warming up for a serious run. Yes, they were part of it, but so were so many other people. The music was blaring and I could see young men & women who were pacers, chatting with everyone. It almost seemed like a stadium atmosphere. It gave me a boost of inspiration and the fun vibe around among this community of runners, got me charged up. I had a running buddy, Pooja, who too was nervous about completing the run.

I had downed a hazelnut black coffee before leaving and loaded my playlist on the NRC app. We started with a warm-up session for a few minutes and were then divided into groups of different speeds. Each group had a few pacers leading them to maintain the speed. In an instant, my grogginess was gone. The wind blowing through my hair and the sounds of the wave, set me free. I know Mumbai, the city that never sleeps has its own idiosyncrasies. It makes you endure the hardships and overcome those mental challenges. But running by the sea calms you down!

I felt exhilarated. Suddenly, something that felt like a battle became a piece of cake. We stopped for group pictures, where everyone seemed to be having a blast. Pooja and I did not even feel that we were already more than half way through. We passed by beautiful graffiti lanes of Bandra and explored the path less traversed in Mumbai. It was nice to see the city in the light with no traffic. The fact that run was curated by Jaie, a graphic designer who’s part of the Nike Running crew and therefore, had elements of design along the way.

While I have been running for a while, this run redefined running for me in a number of ways. I have always been running on a treadmill in the gym or going to Jogger’s park for the run. It always had to muster up the courage to go there alone, finish and come back home after a sweat session. Running 5k always seemed like a big task. But it was so much fun running with a bunch of cool and enthusiastic people who seemed to have no qualms about anything.

The sound and cool of the sea helped me to listen to the voice of conscience through which the soul is revealed. It has a dimension that is above us, in the infinite and so is the place of inner purification through which, perhaps you get the glimpse into the essence of your my being. I realise some of the good things in life are absolutely free without any terms and conditions. These happy and fun moments are worth living for.

The run ended with a lot of group pictures with chirpy and high-on-life runners. We had a nice breakfast by the sea with other runners. I can at least say my stamina is improving and I discovered so many things. I felt so rejuvenated and it was like revitalization of my soul, mind and body.

Guess what? A perfect start to the weekend? I would say YES when you have moments of self-reflection, fun and inner peace. I really had stupid and mindless inhibitions that gym is the only thing for me and outside of being part of my training regimen, running is all about marathons. It always seemed like an uncool and mundane intense task for the hardcore runners only. I am glad I got over all such mental blocks that were holding me back. I am now all pumped up about the upcoming runs with the cool gang.

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  1. Great post! looks like you had an awesome day as well from the photo's :) my fitness is so bad i couldn't run for a chocolate bar. great work though and enjoyed reading :D

  2. I think for Mumbai people running is like a piece of cake, its the part of their daily life.

  3. Wow this is a great post, really inspirational. xx

  4. This is a much needed post, thanks for sharing :)


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