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Wedding Series Vol 2 - Pre Wedding Shoot Fun

Wedding Series Vol 2 - Pre Wedding Shoot Fun 

They say let there be mad love as there are enough of mediocre things in life. 
As you know I am hitting the wedding bells soon and finally it is time for me to share my pre wedding shoot pictures. The countdown has begun, just 15 more days to go. I know marriage is just a cliche and basically for other people to enjoy especially in India. You grow up dreaming of a fairytale wedding and in search of your prince charming. Funny, but true. It is all good as long as you don't lose your individuality in the process. 
My photographer Sneha Sedani who is more like my friend now and makes me look pretty in all pictures did a great job. She is fun, young and innovative. Please check out her work on Rhythmic Focus. It was fun capturing the moments before the D-Day madness. So my fiance booked a room for the proposal at Palladium hotel and we planned to do the shoot in the premises. 
I didn't go for an exorbitantly priced wedding photographer who are known for their surreal images and over-the-top pictures with lot of drama. But however we did everything from lovey-dovey pictures to using fun props. Though I wanted to use some vehicles to hop on for the shoot but guess that pretty much everyone does.
As much as I am nervous and wedding jitters seem to take a toll on me. I have been going bridezilla on everyone around. There are cupcakes of happiness exploding inside me. From the wedding trousseau to the guest lists and shopping there is so much going on. While blogging is cathartic and may be, this will help me vent out. Regular workout is helping as well, though not able to focus completely on nutrition. Well, enough of my whining, I am going to sign off and bug you with all my wedding stories and shopping details soon. Here take a look at some of my favorite shoot pictures. 

Photograph Courtesy: Rhythmic Focus 

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