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Fashion Blogger Life: Health Diaries Vol 3 - Jiwa Cafe

Fashion Blogger Life: Health Diaries Vol 3 - Jiwa Cafe

There are plenty of tiny little eateries in Bandra but this little cute and cozy cafe next to Elbo Room is surely worth a visit. This interesting Roti Concept Café truly lives up to its reputation on healthy bandwagon.
It is so easy to eat clean. There is no such feeling better than looking good and feeling good about your body. It is rightly said you are what you eat. A slice of pizza wont hurt you but wont help your momentum either. It is all about repeating good habits.  

The traditional 'Indian rotis' get a modern twist here. The founder Raghav introduced us to this concept. I was really enthralled with the techniques their flours are made. Spinach has to be dehydrated the right way. Oats are toasted  to bring out the nice nutty flavor. Check out more details on their website.

The menu is not that exhaustive but you can choose all the ingredients for your wrap. We tried the 'Missi' flour roti made of whole wheat, toasted wheat germ and sand puffed 'Bengal gram'. I tried paneer shazlik for protein and tofu paprika. If you are vegan and do not prefer dairy go for tofu paprika. There are wide range of healthy sauces like greek yogurt, mexican salsa, nutty peanut, pesto, hummus, asian wasabi, desk chutney, and hot sauce to choose from.
I can vouch for the taste and quality of the wraps. Gourmet rotis aka wraps are to die for and it can be customized the way you want. The fitness flour made of 'Sehari Sharbati' whole wheat, toasted oats, spinach powder, toasted soybeans and sea salt tasted nothing extraordinary unlike 'Missi' flour wrap.

Gourmet roti wrap with tofu as filling and greek yogurt and tomato salsa on the side
Missi flour (whole wheat, toasted wheatgerm and sand puffed bengal gram) wrap with paneer as filling and pesto and tomato salsa on the side.  
Wide range of flours

Verdict: Jiwa Café strives to inspire a healthier lifestyle through healthy and nutritious food. If you looking for culinary experience like no other head to Jiwa Cafe for some healthy grub on the go or in between work.

 What I like?
- Not just a sham in the name of healthy food. It truly lives up to its name. 
- One can indulge in a guilt free and fresh meal without burning a hole in the pocket.
- One must buy their nutritious wide range of flours. It is economically priced at 100 INR keeping in mind the common Indian household.  It is available everywhere in supermarkets and online retailers like 'Big Basket'.

What I didn't like?
- My only quibble is that they could have introduced non vegetarian food also but owner Raghav wanted to keep it a vegetarian place and not lose its vegan/vegetarian customers
- It is open for only 9 hours a day and is often overlooked by the people.
- To be precise they should mention the composition of the ingredients used in their flour.
Where: Prabhat Kunj, 24th Road, Off Linking Road, Bandra West, Mumbai

Pocket Pinch: 300 INR for two

Timings: 12:30 - 9:30 PM

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  1. Ahhhhh...I've been waiting for this post for a while. The roti concept thing intrigued me too. Maybe we can catch up here the next time I'm in Mumbai?

  2. Yeah you would love it Soumi..It is in Bandra and darn cheap and filling :)

  3. There is nothing authentic like traditional roti and i am sure this particular eatery will keep up to its name.

  4. Wow!! Looks so healthy and yumm!! Thanks for visiting my blog!!

  5. Looks like a nice place!

  6. I'm a very health conscious guy and I loved this blog post written by Ms Megha. You have pretty good insight about health and fashion. I'm very impressed to know that in this age you know too much. Thanks for writing and sharing your knowledge.

    Best Regards,
    Mantis Hugo
    Goji Berry Juice

  7. I would definitely recommend this venue for any kind of fancy or corporate events – all my friends talked about throwing parties here only.


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