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The Green Room - Wendell Rodricks

The Green Room - Wendell Rodricks 

He is one of the pioneers in the world of fashion who has reached the zenith of popularity. He is recognized for his signature style of flowing silhouettes and minimalist cuts. I was glad to get my hands on this book by blogadda, the most anticipated autobiography of Mr Wendell Rodricks that gives a tantalizing insight into the world of fashion. The book will surely grace my desk forever. 

Wendell Rodricks spent his initial years of life in Mumbai and started working in Muscat. He moved to Los Angeles and Paris to study fashion. In 1988, he returned to India and worked with renowned brands like De Beers, Lakme and Garden Vareli. He launched his own label in 1990 and moved to Colvale, Goa. 

I was hooked on to every page. Every page had a gripping story, bitter truth, sarcasm and reality. The first one-third of the book is all about travel and past history. He throws light about his penchant for travel. He loves to learn different cultures and myriad lifestyles. I had no clue that he worked in a hospitality industry before he kick started his career in the fashion industry. 

Some of his stories are charming, honest and enticing as they are penned down beautifully. It takes your everywhere from Muscat to Paris. He has the knack of exploring new things and remembering the dates, names and incidents. He discovered Deepika Padukone and encouraged her to step her feet into the modeling world. He also talks about the two incidents regarding the split of Fashion Design Council of India and Lakme that led to two different fashion weeks which I was not aware of. 

The Green Room is candid. My heart was filled with a whirl of emotions. But, I would love to know more about the world of fashion, the design and production process and who’s who. 

P.S. I cant get over the book. One of those books I would love to read it again. It is a book that is intriguing and talks about lifestyle, fashion and food. It is an honest confession about a middle class openly gay man who believes in celebrating wonderful love. I look up to Mr. Wendell Rodricks  as a fashion czar for his mature sensibilities and designs that exemplify poise and grace. 

Some interesting lines from the book - The Green Room 
“I did not care much for the too-tight-at-the-thighs trousers … I sat in the lobby for half an hour, trying my best to ignore Mr White Shoes. No way was I going to break the ice." ( talking about blind date)
 "At first, I found it difficult to gauge a woman's measurements at a glance. Gradually, I learnt it was possible. One day, at the end of term, we walked down Wilshire Boulevard in Beverly Hills near Richaurd's house. I correctly read every single woman on the street." ..."Even today, I can read a woman without taking a measuring tape to her body."
Verdict  - A perfect read when you are in a mood to mellow and want your dose of fashion and travel. I highly recommend this book to everyone. A must-have book on your desk! 

The Green Room 
Published by Rain Tree 
Price: 595 INR
Pages: 356

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P.S. I am still on a break. I will be back soon. XOXO. 

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