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                           Do you live and breath “Fashion”?

                                           27 Dresses

Weddings in movies have been a subject of satire. They are rife with drama and of course fashion from wedding calamities to fashion disasters. 
27 dresses is more of a romantic comedy centered around Jane (Ketherine Heigi), being the wedding planner. She is doomed to play the bridesmaids 27 times and has been longing for a perfect partner. Though the story is insipid, cliched and is lacking originality. But all the fashion-obsessed girls need to take a peek into her overflowing closet of outlandish dresses, puffy-sashed mad frocks with a rare dash of wit.

                        The Devil Wears Prada

The movie will take you in the world of high fashion and melodramatic damsels wrapped in cotoure gowns giving insights to New York Fashion scene. Check out the vanilla performance by Anne Hathaway who is size six (“Size six is the new fourteen” *flabbergasted*) sets her foot in the most influential fashion magazine Runway and Merly Streep who is a diabolical fashion queen. 

The Sex and the City I and II

Based on all-time Television sitcom The Sex and The City movies display the opulent and sumptuous New York Fashion. I don’t care about the ratings and about critics saying it lacks substance. I heart swanky ladies swaggering and clad with couture creations. It makes me feel sparkly. The movie is all about the love and desire in today’s world including loud and nifty outfits, eye candies, figures to die for, the laughter riots, the heartbreaks, and the tears. 

                     Confessions of a shopaholic                        

I got nothing to say about this flick. I am sure everyone reading this already knows about this. I have a huge crush on Rebecca. She is *so* like me and I can completely relate her to myself.
"When I shop, the world gets better, and the world is better, but then it’s not, and I need to do it again.”  - Rebecca Bloomwood



All good things in life come with a price and happiness does not last forever. There is a dark side to everything! So, I save this one for the last which really moved me, but worth watching.
The story throws light on the glamorous and dark details of the life of America’s top supermodel Gia Carangi in New York. A lesbian love story in documentary style, intense and heartbreaking. The magnitude of the story is profound and rings through you even when its over.
It is available in rated and unrated versions, make sure you grab this one.

Get your hands on one of these when you feel low and get pepped up. Perfect for a sleepover or girls’ night.


  1. Thanks for the list. I haven't seen Gia, so must catch up on that :)

    ♡ from ©

  2. devil wears prada is my all time fav, the last one i think i need to watch and sex and the city, i never liked ...

    Chintu Singh

  3. Good list, I loved some and others I haven't seen.. will see and also check out the dresses..

  4. I love 27 dresses and devil wears Prada.A major reason for the latter being Meryl Streep!! I love that woman! I loved her in Julie and Julia as well!!I love Rebecca Bloomwood too and i have read all the novels in Shopaholic series.But i think the book is much better than the movie.I didn't know about Gia.It sounds super interesting.Will watch it asap.Your list is great.I loved the way your blog looks.


  5. @Upasana - Ya I agree. Books are always better than the movies. They are more detailed and have their own charm. I am going through your blog :)


  6. great post!
    take a look at my blog and follow if u like :)
    kisses from Spain,

  7. nice post...i did watched 27 dresses

  8. I watched most of it except the last one. Feel good movies...and inspiring too. :)

  9. Nice post. :) These fashion movies are really good.. Haven't seen GIA.
    Thanks for following. :)
    But can't see you on GFC. Plz check in again.
    Following you too through GFC.


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